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Diane Foster

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Are you ready?

To have the pants inspired off you

To take a good, honest look at yourself, your life, your wellness, your thoughts.

If so Yeah you are in the right place.

If that’s not you and you are looking for a quick fix, a pill for an ill, you are in the wrong place, so go ahead a click on the x close button – it is just up there to the right, go on bugger off.

Hi I’m Diane

I’m not a Dr, nutritionist, shrink or wellness coach – I have no qualifications in the Wellness Industry. However I have a Masters in experience and a bucket load of common sense.

Having been diagnosed with cancer twice, over achieving the second time with a diagnosis of terminal secondary lung cancer and a life expectancy of 12 months, I did something radical. I listened to my own heart, followed my own path and healed.

7 years later, a wedding, a baby, a few thousand earthquakes, I am still here. Feeling better than ever.

Now its time to give back and tell my story.

Di xx


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